Coen van Wyk



South Africa Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Joined 2nd August 2023




Born into the generation that should have benefited from Apartheid, grew up in the countryside and learnt first-hand about nature. My father was a professor in theology and ethics. I studied government sciences, later international relations and strategic studies. Joined the civil service to change what I saw was wrong from inside the structures. After some years at the cutting edge of race relations I was sent overseas as diplomat. Most of my career was spent in Africa. After democracy dawned in South Africa I served with some of the hardest Communists and erstwhile 'terrorists' and grew to admire some, but could not work with the Soviet mentality of many. I took early retirement in 2010, drove through Africa and built a sailboat. I now do text editing, mostly for my wife's translation business, do some translation myself and write stories and articles. And I try to encourage others to write, to think, to disagree with each other.


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